Southern States SuperGold® Premium Diesel Fuel
Unlike ordinary diesel fuels, SuperGold® premium diesel fuel has special additives for
proven cleaner burning, economical, premium performance.  By providing quicker
starts, less engine wear and reduced injector deposits, Southern States' SuperGold®
helps cut equipment downtime and lowers maintenance costs.

Available in both an ultra low sulfar (ULS) formula for on-road use and a dyed low
sulfur (DLS) for on-farm and off-road use, SuperGold® gets your diesel equipment
started faster and keeps it working longer with:

  •  Cetane improver for quicker starts and less smoke
  •  Detergency rating of Cummins L-10 Superior to reduce injector deposits
  •  Better lubricity to reduce engine wear and maintenance
  •  Corrosion inhibitor to protect fuel system.
  •  Demulsifier to keep moisture and water from mixing with fuel
  •  Stablizer/Dispersant to improve storage stability

Try Southern States SuperGold® premium diesel fuel today for better mileage and
performance with reduced downtime and maintenance expenses in all operating

*Supergold® is a registered trademark of Southern States Cooperative, Inc.

Southern States Gasolines
Southern States offers top quality regular, mid-grade and premium gasolines for every
vehicle need.  We also sell Non-Ethanol Gasoline at the pump island.

Bulk Fuel Delivery
At Culpeper Petroleum, we understand that your fuel is one of the most important and
cost critical aspects of your business.  Your bulk fuel delivery has to be delivered on
time and at the best possible price available, or your company simply grinds to a halt.  
We deliver Bulk Fuel to contractors large or small.  We also have Non-Ethanol
Gasoline for delivery.  Please let us know if we can sign you up for our Bulk Fuel
delivery service.
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