Culpeper Petroleum Cooperative offers a broad range of heating services to meet your needs that include installation of high-efficiency oil or propane gas furnace or burners; maintenance contracts to assure your system is serviced and ready to go; 24-hour emergency service for our customers; installation of propane gas water heaters, appliances, fireplace logs and room heaters; installation and services of central air conditioning units; and trained and certified technicians. Discover why Culpeper Petroleum heating services are your key to worry-free warmth.

Automatic Delivery
Did you know that the most efficient way to receive your heating fuel is through our Automatic Delivery service? With this service, you don’t have to remember to call for delivery – no more checking gauges. We will deliver to you based on your needs. Don’t get caught without fuel and having to make untimely out-of-gas calls. Get peace of mind with Automatic Delivery today! Let us know if we can set you up for this service.

Budget Plan
Maintaining a warm and comfortable home is not a luxury; it is an important part of protecting your family. We understand the challenge of juggling all the bills associated with running a household. That is why we offer our Budget Plan for heating fuels. This plan breaks down your estimated fuel bill into affordable monthly payments spread out of a 12 month period. This is extremely helpful with budgeting throughout the year. All remaining balances are due by the last business day of June. Automatic Fuel Delivery is available with this account. Have you signed up for our Southern States Budget Plan? Let us know you are interested and we will take care of getting you signed up.

30 Day Account
This account allows for deliveries to be made and charged to the account and payment is due within 30 days. Automatic Fuel Delivery is available with this account.

Cash On Delivery Account (COD)
This is a pay-as-you-go account allowing you to prepay for deliveries or paying the driver when the delivery arrives. You have the option to pay by cash or check to the driver or to call the store with payment on a credit/debit card before the fuel is delivered. Automatic Fuel Deliveries are not an option on this account unless you authorize us to secure a credit card number on file. To do this requires separate forms.