Southern States SuperGold® Premium Diesel Fuel

Unlike ordinary diesel fuels, SuperGold® premium diesel fuel has special additives for proven cleaner-burning, economical, premium performance. By providing quicker starts, less engine wear, and reduced injector deposits, Southern States’ SuperGold® helps cut equipment downtime and lowers maintenance costs.

Available in both an ultra-low sulfur (ULS) formula for on-road use and a dyed low sulfur (DLS) for on-farm and off-road use, SuperGold® gets your diesel equipment started faster and keeps it working longer with:

  • Cetane improver for quicker starts and less smoke
  • Detergency rating of Cummins L-10 Superior to reduce injector deposits
  • Better lubricity to reduce engine wear and maintenance
  • Corrosion inhibitor to protect the fuel system.
  • Demulsifier to keep moisture and water from mixing with fuel
  • Stabilizer/Dispersant to improve storage stability

Try Southern States SuperGold® premium diesel fuel today for better mileage and performance with reduced downtime and maintenance expenses in all operating conditions.

*Supergold® is a registered trademark of Southern States Cooperative, Inc.

Southern States Gasoline
Southern States offers top-quality regular, mid-grade, and premium gasoline for every vehicle need. We also sell Non-Ethanol Gasoline at the pump island.

Bulk Fuel Delivery
At Culpeper Petroleum, we understand that your fuel is one of the most important and cost-critical aspects of your business. Your bulk fuel delivery has to be delivered on time and at the best possible price available, or your company simply grinds to a halt. We deliver Bulk Fuel to contractors large or small. We also have Non-Ethanol Gasoline for delivery. Please let us know if we can sign you up for our Bulk Fuel delivery service.